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Treatment Of Epilepsy

Epileptic disease cannot be cured. However, the granting of the remedy exactly can stabilise the electrical activity in the brain, as well as to control seizures in people with epilepsy. In prescribing the drug, doctors need to consider the age, the type of seizure, the patient's condition, as well as other drugs consumed patients.

Treatment Of Epilepsy
The doctor prescribed medication is a drug antikejang (anticonvulsants), also known as drug Drug of this type can change the way of working and the delivery of a signal or message from the brain cells. Examples of antiepileptic drug is acid valproat, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, levetiracetam, topiramate and.

Antiepileptic drug starts with a low dose, then the dose will gradually diitingkatkan. To monitor the response of the body against the drug, patients need to be checked prior to and during the blood taking any medication. On the other hand, antiepileptic drug can also interact with birth control pills. Therefore, your doctor will need to adjust the required birth control.

Just like other drugs, antiepileptic drugs are also at risk of incurring side effects, whether mild or severe also belongs. Some side effects of antiepileptic drugs are classified as mild, include:

- Gaining weight
- Dizziness
- Limp
- Decreased bone density
- Reduced memory
- Talk is not smooth
- Loss of coordination of movement
- Skin rash

While the side effects of antiepileptic drugs are classified as heavy, among others:

- Inflammation of the organs (e.g. liver organs)
- Severe skin rash
- Depression
- The tendency to suicide

During treatment, patients taking antiepileptic drugs are required to according rules set forth the physician, and do not stop taking any medications without the knowledge of the physician.

If the antiepileptic drug can not control seizures in people with epilepsy, then the doctor may perform surgery to relieve epilepsy parts of the brain that cause seizures. The implementation of this operation can be carried out if the seizures caused problems on the part of the brain that can be removed without causing the side effects means, such as the ability to talk, motor function, language, hearing, or vision.

In addition to administering the medication and therapy, a number of operations can also be applied on epileptics who experience seizures. The therapy in the form of nerve stimulator installation under the collarbone area of skin (vagus nerve), to reduce the frequency and intensity of the seizures.

Other therapy is mounting the electrode on the part of the brain called the thalamus, which is connected with the stimulator in the sternum or the bones of the head, to send electrical signals to the brain and relieve spasms. This therapy is called deep brain stimulation.

While the therapy that is quite effective in coping with seizures in people with children is with the ketogenik diet (a diet with high levels of fat, protein, and carbohydrate-free). Meanwhile, additional therapy to avoid triggering a seizure can be carried out with Aromatherapy that makes the sufferer feel relax and relieve stress.

In the case of idiopathic epilepsy in which the cause is unknown, then the steps that can be done is to avoid the triggers that cause seizures.

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