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8 Ways to Be a Natural Beauty

It has beautiful natural levels should be sure so many people dream. You can realize that dream by doing the following steps that are not just beauty, but rather can nourish the body as well. Curious about anything?

8 Ways to Be a Natural Beauty

Tips 8 Ways to Be a Natural Beauty

Skin and body should be treated with either if you want to look beautiful naturally without the need to use various types of beauty products. So you are not only beautiful from outside but also from within. You can do several things to make it happen.

1. Drink Plenty of Plain Water

 Drink plenty of plain water
Drinking plain water can maintain the health of your body and make the skin become healthier. The reason, the water contains oxygen which is needed by your skin. However, it does not mean excess water could be a way to remove wrinkles or fine lines.

Dehydration (lack of fluids) to make your skin look dry and wrinkled. So drinking plain water can improve the health of your skin and prevent premature aging. Try to drink a glass of water 8-10 white in a day. No need to force myself to drink until the berliter-litre.

In addition, drinking water can also improve the health of your kidneys. When body fluids would be sure, urine will flow much, yellow, clear, and odorless. When body fluids are not enough, the concentration of the urine becomes more concentrated, the color becomes concentrated, yellow and smell because the kidneys have to absorb the extra liquid to run the function.

2. Limit Drinking Alcohol or Avoid Altogether

 Limit drinking alcohol or avoid altogether
Alcoholic beverages can damage your skin, as it can make Your body and skin dehydration. Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages, for example, more than 1-2 glasses a day can damage the liver organ, which plays a role in eliminating toxins in the body. So it will mix poison in the blood because it cannot be removed. It can make your skin less healthy, dull, and breakouts.

In addition, excessive drinking can also cause the pores, dilated blood vessels widen and could rupture, as well as overgrowth of sebaceous glands.

3. Lifts Dead Skin

Lifts dead skin
Rapture or exfoliate the dead skin cells known as method of exfoliation. Dead skin cells have a color similar to the dull skin. Therefore, it needs to be done to get the exfoliation of skin clean and radiant.

You can do the exfoliation at home by using a body scrub or with the help of a dermatologist to get skin that is naturally beautiful.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly
The sport certainly can maintain the health of your body. Regular exercise can make you have more energy and stay in shape. A study reported that endurance sports can help fight, even reverse the signs of aging such as baldness, gray hair, and skin thinning and mengeriput.

Endurance exercise is aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, running or cycling. This exercise can improve heart health and breathing. The longer you can do aerobic exercises, the more endurance you have.

5. Stop Press Acne

press Stop acne
If you love to squeeze or solve acne, stop this habit starting from now. Because the squeeze pimples can cause scarring and infection. In addition, these habits can aggravate inflammation and increases the risk of the appearance of acne scars.

6. Clean Your Makeup Before Going to Bed

Clean your makeup before going to bed
Make sure your face is clean of makeup before you go to sleep. Do not clean your face before going to bed can make your pores clogged makeup, dirt, and sweat left.

Consequently the skin becomes dull and wrinkled. If not cleaned, while sleeping eye makeup can also cause irritation of the eyes and rontoknya lashes.

7. Do Not Wash Every Day

do not wash every day
Some people may feel has yet to bathing if not shampooing. In fact, washing your hair every other day or too often could wash away the natural oils in the scalp. In fact, this oil is actually necessary to keep the nutrients and natural sheen to the hair.

Then, to get a beautiful natural hair, we recommend shampooing every other day just once. You are also not recommended to use a blow dryer or catokan per day.

8. Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure

Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure
Exposure to sunlight containing excessive ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin. Use a sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin from sun exposure. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before Your activity outdoors.

That way, no need to worry if it has to spend time in the Sun. Keep your skin will look pretty natural.

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