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How to Look Beautiful and Healthy

There are various ways to look gorgeous for females. And you need to know, beauty is not just coming from physical appearance alone. Keep your mind stay positive and healthy lifestyle also helps you to keep it look beautiful. See the explanation below.

How to look beautiful and healthy
At certain periods in his life, the average women can experience the feeling of the insecure (don't like and uncomfortable with himself) and continue to look for ways to make it look beautiful in front of everyone. Coupled with the existence of the ideal standard of beauty in society or culture in the environment around You, which makes you have to always look beautiful and attractive in any condition.

And then, how to look beautiful and attractive but still healthy? Below are some recommendations and options information for you to know.

How to look beautiful, attractive, and healthy

The first thing you need to do is to waste away the conventional assumption about the beauty that You know or get from a variety of media. You can see the beauty of the lives of those people you admire.

Don't panic when the ugly feeling began to overshadow. Stop also felt discouraged and start to identify, study, and care for yourself as well as your body. Anxiety and stress thus making yourself more showing an unpleasant face. Everyone has a characteristic body and face different and unique in looks beautiful.

Here's how to make it look beautiful, interesting, and stay healthy, you can apply:

Non-physical beauty
Discover beautiful definition not simply accentuate the sheer physical appearance. You can further accentuate the quality of the inside, e.g., personality, social relationships with other people, or the way you see the world.

As You love to see people smiling, others would be happy to see and get a smile. Known smile can improve your mood.

Reduce the wearing of cosmetics
Try not to wear cosmetics for two days or more. This will benefit your skin, that keep him healthy and clean. So also with the clothes. Use clothes that are comfortable for you.

The main health
Preferred body health and not appearance. Go on a diet to improve nutritional intake, the greater their impact to health than if you just do it to look like a fashion model.

Stay away from the mirror
If necessary, retreat from staring at the mirror for a while and fokuslah on what you feel. Be aware that not everyone else who actually likes to criticize, but yourself. Accept yourself for what it is and are thankful for the grace.

No need to compare ourselves to others
All people are created with personality and attraction. Stop comparing ourselves to others, especially with people of different age with you or with movie stars or famous model. This could trigger frustration to depression.

Turn to ' close ' you
You may always feel beautiful, not too fat, or need recognition from others about your appearance. If this happens, turn on the nearest people who have known you for a long time and doesn't care about or consider important to your outward appearance, but only saw the "inner beauty" you.

Rest and exercise to taste
Have time to sleep and exercise. Lack of time to sleep can increase the cortisol hormone levels, which causes a decreased content of collagen in the skin making it appear wrinkled. While the exercise routine can maintain the condition of your skin and make you look fit.

Drinking enough water white
Avoid dehydration. The body hydrated with enough humidity will have good skin, so its elasticity else awake.

Stay away from negative thoughts
Too much of a worry can also increase the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) triggers the wrinkles and dry skin. Thus, the perbanyaklah do that makes you feel happy.

Maintain correct posture
Training or begin a habit of standing or sitting with an upright posture. A good posture support the health of the body, while enhancing the mood and your confidence.

You may not realize that some standard of beauty that is known to the community originally created by the company of beauty products that just want their products sold. This can make you feel not comfortable with yourself and your own body, so it's always discouraged if being around people who are beautiful according to public oversight.

Continuously follow the demands of the standard ideal of beauty culture or the general public that only concerns the physical beauty, desire and risk making you experience physical and mental health disorders. If you feel depressed because of this, you can consult a psychiatrist.

Constantly remind yourself and those around You that the value and quality of their best is not about physical appearance. However, more emphasis on what they're doing and other important values, such as a good personality, wisdom, and persistence. How to look beautiful is to have optimism, always grateful, and can accept yourself for what it is.

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