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Sick Cavities, These Responses

Cavities are one sign of your teeth are not healthy. This condition can trigger the onset of dental pain. This condition can be overcome with proper handling are appropriate grades.

Generally the cause of toothache hollow is a sticky substance, namely, plaques in the mouth which is largely created due to the pile of germs or bacteria that convert the food into acid. Then, on a plaque can damage the protective enamel of teeth to create cavities. If left, dental plaque can accumulate and become Tartar that can disrupt the structure and health of teeth.

Sick Cavities, These Responses

How To Fix Cavities

Perforated teeth often do not cause pain. The pain was generally appear when holes in teeth enlarged, affecting nerves, or cause broken teeth. Sick cavities can also occur after consuming food or beverages cold or hot.

There are several ways that a doctor can do to overcome the pain of cavities, among others:

Provide fluoridated
If the hole in the gear is still in the beginning of the alias is very small, fluoride could possibly be used as a solution to help restore the enamel of teeth that have been damaged. The trick with the rubbing-fluoride liquid, foam, gel, or varnish to the teeth for a few minutes. Now almost all toothpastes contain fluoride, so have been handling this became more practical.

Dental fillings
The doctor usually will patch the cavities that have exceeded the initial stages of decay. How, the teeth must be drilled to dispose of parts that have been damaged. After that, the teeth will be patched using substances such as silver, gold, resin composite or por

Make a crown gear
For more severe tooth decay or fragile teeth, the doctor will likely make the crown gear to replace the whole crown (Crown) of a natural tooth. This can be artificial Crown made of gold, porcelain, resin, porcelain fused metal, or other material.

Root canal treatment of tooth
Dental root canal treatment is required if the decay has reached the inside of the teeth (pulpa) or a dead nerve. This treatment is done by removing the neural network, a network of blood vessels, and any area that is rotten at Once clean, the dentist may do a patch or give the crown, so that the teeth do not need to be revoked.

Pull teeth
Unplug the teeth if the teeth decay in already so badly, that cannot be recovered and should be discarded. Teeth extracted would leave spaces or gaps that allow other teeth to shift. Therefore, if possible, it is advisable to make a bridge or a set of dentures to replace teeth extracted.

To prevent the sick cavities, it is important to take care of dental health with familiarize teeth cleaning after a meal, eating healthy foods, and doing the examination to the dentist on a regular basis.

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